Charlotte Radiology trusts Critical Patient Data with StorTrends

Charlotte Radiology

Since 1967, Charlotte Radiology has been serving the state of North Carolina and has developed into one of the largest and most progressive radiology groups in the nation. In fact, Radiology Business Journal has ranked Charlotte Radiology fourth overall out of the top 100 radiology clinics in the U.S.

Currently, Charlotte Radiology owns and operates 13 breast imaging sites serving more than 100,000 women annually, two vein and vascular centers offering varicose and spider vein treatments, and four free-standing imaging centers offering CT, Ultrasound, X-ray and MRI services.

The team at Charlotte Radiology pride themselves in bringing their community the latest in imaging equipment and studies as well as providing the leading professionals in the field. The 90 radiologists employed by Charlotte Radiology specialize in everything from Mammography to Musculoskeletal and Pediatrics to Interventional Radiology.

Whether the patient is a child who fell off a bicycle, a woman getting her annual mammogram, a grandfather receiving news of being cancer-free or a first time mother experiencing her first ultrasound, each image and medical record must be treated with the utmost regard for security and safety. For this reason, Charlotte Radiology trusts their data with StorTrends® from American Megatrends Inc. (AMI).

Making the Switch to StorTrends

Charlotte Radiology’s constant dedication to its patients sets its practice apart and has allowed for significant patient growth each year.

Every year thousands of individuals depend on Charlotte Radiology to provide mammogram, MRI, CT, X-ray and ultrasound results. The abundance of pivotal health data that Charlotte Radiology provides to patients makes it imperative that their data storage solution is flawless.

Charlotte Radiology’s data growth is continuous, so when Manager of Information Technology Tony Maynard noticed performance speed deterioration and storage space limitation on the company’s existing SAN appliance, he knew it was necessary to make an immediate change.

Maynard’s previous experiences with other storage array vendors led him to focus his priority list. He knew that speed, low purchase and operating cost (CAPEX & OPEX), dependability and reliable customer service were essential.

“We started shopping around for different SANs and when we went to our current vendor to get quotes for the newer model we got the markup price,” says Maynard. “But then we got a call from StorTrends.”

Charlotte Radiology’s Experience with StorTrends

From the initial call, the StorTrends team offered Maynard a live in-house demo unit. When Charlotte Radiology had an unexpected production SAN failure during the demo period, Charlotte Radiology put the StorTrends demo unit into the production environment.

“Right then and there, something that was previously taking 20 minutes to complete was now taking six,” says Maynard.

Once Charlotte Radiology decided on StorTrends, the StorTrends team deployed two SANs with two JBODs. Charlotte Radiology is currently using nearly all of the enterprise-class features the SAN has to offer. These arrays are being utilized as centralized storage for database, email, testing and VDI. Data from a SQL-based application named Imagine, an industry standard medical billing and practice management software, is also hosted on the StorTrends SAN units.

“As an implementer, user and administrator I appreciate that the interface is so intuitive and that the unit works perfectly within our VM environment. Most importantly, the performance and value for the price is phenomenal compared to competitors in the market,” states Maynard.

StorTrends was able to displace the existing premiere SAN implemented within Charlotte Radiology by delivering improved performance, an enhanced feature set, a robust and stable product at an affordable price in contrast to competitors. StorTrends sealed the deal for Charlotte Radiology with easy to use GUI, in-depth customer support and solutions engineering team.

Due to the cooperation and support of the StorTrends team, Maynard wholeheartedly feels that he has made friends with the people at AMI.

Maynard says, “I cannot stress enough how good the customer service is. The StorTrends team has done nothing but accommodate our needs and bend over backwards for us. Everything has performed as they described and I have never had the feeling of being over-promised or under-delivered.”

Charlotte Radiology provides life-changing health information to their patients and they will rely on StorTrends now and in the future to safeguard and protect that information.

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Customer Testimonial

"I cannot stress enough how good the customer service is. The StorTrends team has done nothing but accommodate our needs and bend over backwards for us. Everything has performed as they described and I have never had the feeling of being overpromised or under-delivered."

Tony Maynard
Manager of IT

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