DeKalb County Police Department Chooses StorTrends for Long Term Storage of Vital Case Records and Evidence

DeKalb CSI Unit relies on StorTrends arrays to store evidence from cases including videos, photos, fingerprints, testimonial recordings and more.

DeKalb County is one of the most populous counties in the U.S. The police department of DeKalb County serves over 730,000 citizens living within its 271 square mile radius on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia. Enacted by the General Assembly on August 17, 1914, approximately 1,100 sworn police officers and 500 support staff employees, working across six precincts, are dedicated to the mission of enhancing the lives of residents in DeKalb County. The members of the police department do this by working cooperatively with the public and within the framework of the U.S. Constitution to enforce the laws, preserve the peace, reduce fear and provide a safe environment for all.

In recent years, the DeKalb County Police Department has had the daunting task of handling more than 2,500 arrests ranging from homicide to traffic violations. Every detail of these cases was taken into account and generated into a wealth of data.

When the Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Unit of the DeKalb County Police Department needed a secure place to store evidence, which includes images and documents that are collected and intended to be kept forever, their decision was StorTrends from American Megatrends Inc. (AMI).

CSI Decides To Back Up to StorTrends

Currently, a variety of different storage vendors are in use by the various departments of the DeKalb County Police Force, both for primary data storage and disaster recovery. George Dalton, DeKalb County Police Department’s Departmental Microsystems Specialist, decided to go with StorTrends when choosing a reliable array to store information from the CSI Unit.

“Because we are a police department, we have to keep all of our data. We simply just needed an array that can scale with our growing demands,” says Dalton. “Especially with our crime scene unit - because they are the ones who take pictures, audio and video that we have to keep forever. At the time, we were running out of disk space on our current SAN quicker than we could purchase it.”

Dalton purchased the StorTrends array and dedicated a large LUN solely to the DeKalb County Police Department’s Crime Scene Unit, which was integrated into the Department’s VMware® environment. Additional capacity of the StorTrends array were allocated for the DeKalb County Police Training Academy, while some remaining space was devoted to virtual machines for the testing of future storage projects – highlighting the flexibility that the StorTrends architecture can provide, all within a single appliance.

Why DeKalb County Police Department chose StorTrends

After the StorTrends team went to DeKalb County to perform a demonstration of the unit, Dalton revealed that the IT staff had instantly made up their minds. “Once we saw the demo, we knew. We chose StorTrends because we could add on to it. It came down to expandability and cost,” he commented.

The array has been in production at the DeKalb County Police Department and Dalton says that everything has been running flawlessly and it extremely reliable – to the point that he has yet to contact the StorTrends Support Team for assistance.

“The unit is performing exactly as promised and the interface is quite simple... The StorTrends array has been working well for the departments we set it up for.”

Because a virtually endless amount of data continues to stream in from multiple departments of the DeKalb County Police Department, the team has indicated a strong consideration towards StorTrends for future purchases of data storage appliances.

“There is no doubt that I would purchase StorTrends again,” Dalton says.

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Customer Testimonial

"The unit is doing exactly what we were told it would do and the interface is quite simple... The StorTrends array has been working well for the departments we set it up for."

George Dalton
Departmental Microsystems Specialist

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