The Importance of Disaster Recovery in your IT Infrastructure

Hurricane? Tornado? Fire? Not a problem! If you have a Disaster Recovery site (DR site), that is. A DR site is a location that a business uses to recover and reconstruct its IT operations and infrastructure when its primary facility is not accessible. Inaccessibility can be caused by a number of factors, whether it be a natural disaster or by a network or hardware failure. A DR site is crucial because it keeps an organization running, and ensures that the company does not get brought down to its knees during an unforeseen mishap. Frequently, a company’s DR site is located in a completely different city than the company’s primary data center. This guarantees a higher likelihood of security when a primary facility fails due to a localized disaster, such as a hurricane or fire.

Organizations must ask themselves “what if” questions in order to determine their weaknesses in the face of these potential disasters, which can cause undesirable interruptions to their business.  Once the “what ifs” have been asked, businesses usually realize the need for disaster recovery planning to protect critical data and resume operations in the event that disaster strikes. It goes without saying that the IT department of an organization has a high stake in this, since their credibility is on the line, as users will depend on the support of the IT department to get business operations back to normal after a disaster. So..what are the top advantages of a disaster recovery site..?

Advantage 1: Business Continuation

Perhaps the most important advantage of a DR site is business continuation. By implementing a DR site, a company is able to continue business operations as normal until the primary site is fixed. If a disaster occurs, the continued operations of an organization depends on the capability to replicate the company’s IT systems and data. With a disaster recovery site, you are able to do just this, and you are able to conduct business as usual.

Advantage 2: Company Reputation

Having zero downtime when a disaster strikes is essential for a business. Without a DR site, an abundance of time is necessary to get your business back up and running. Customer data may vanish, and time-sensitive tasks cannot be completed as promised to customers. This results in doubts from customers and a lack of trust, which no one wants their business to experience.

Advantage 3: Customer Retention

Retaining a customer after an IT disaster is no easy task. If a customer loses their data, or if tasks cannot be completed as promised to a customer, it is nearly impossible to get that customer’s trust back. The majority of IT disasters are completely unacceptable to customers.  A disaster recovery site prevents these mishaps from ever being a concern, and saves your company money in the long run. You are able to retain current customers and will not be spending a high dollar amount to attain new customers to replace the ones you just loss because you didn’t have a disaster recovery site in place.


No one is protected from mishaps. Hardware fails, and natural disasters can happen when you least expect it. Having a DR site is the only way to ensure that a hardware failure doesn’t disrupt your business or cause a loss of data. Implementing a DR site not only saves your company money in the long run, but can also save your job. If you don’t have a Disaster Recovery site in place now, it may be time to start searching for a solution to that problem!