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          • Digital Workspaces

            Enable desktop & application virtualization, identity management, and secure remote access for work from home (WFH) employees

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          • Controller for desktop and application virtualization via shared hosted desktops and VDI

          • zGateway
          • Secure remote users working from any network on any device to protect corporate data

          • SnapVDI Thin Client (zTC)
          • Thin client endPoint devices for Citrix, Microsoft Hyper-V & WVD and VMware

          • zBrows
          • Provide secure browser-based access to virtualized corporate workspace users

          • zMFA
          • Integrated multi-factor authentication (MFA) for secure user verification on any device

          • zClient
          • Software client for installing on your endpoint devices for connection to zPortal and zGateway

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            Remote patient monitoring platform and devices for clinicians and caregivers to remotely monitor the vital signs of their patients

          • ZettaRPM
          • Universal cloud-based remote patient monitoring platform for healthcare organizations

          • B.O.L.T Devices
          • Monitor, track, and improve patients’ health with remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices

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          • Data Storage Appliances

            Reliable, high-performance SAN appliances with inclusive snapshots, replication, and  automated data tiering software

          • StorTrends 3500i
          • Extreme-performance SAN with Hybrid and All-Flash configurations to handle even the most demanding workloads

          • StorTrends 3400i
          • Highly reliable HDD-based SAN suited for data retention, backups and low-performance environments

          • StorTrends 3202j
          • Expansion shelf configurable as all-HDD, hybrid, or all-flash to seamlessly add capacity to the StorTrends 3500i or StorTrends 3400i

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Profile Creation – Microsoft

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From the Home GUI screen,

Add Profile will have options to create Microsoft, Citrix specific or VMWare profile. Choose Microsoft to create a Microsoft specific profile from the protocol dropdown box.

Add profile – Microsoft specific

Microsoft specific profiles can be used to create a profile specific to RD Web Access based connectivity or a VM based connectivity.

Microsoft specific – Advanced setting

Advanced option is provided to configure remote session`s desktop display settings, audio settings and local resource redirection settings etc.

To add a Local Connection profile – Microsoft Specific

  1. Click the Add icon to add the profile.

Add profile – Microsoft specific

  1. Enter the required fields

Profile Name – User specific, unique identifier

Domain – Auto populated (optional)

RD Web Access or Auto reconnection


  1. Click Save Changes to save the profile.


  • If RD Web Access based profile is chosen, the RD Web Feed URL and domain details will be auto-populated, if configured.

Add profile – RD Web Access


  • If Auto Reconnection is chosen, it automatically reconnects the remote session if the remote session is disconnected due to network unavailability.

Add profile – Auto Reconnection


  • Auto Reconnection is applicable for IP or Hostname based remote sessions

There are few exceptions for Auto reconnection as listed below.

  1. User-initiated operations such as
    1. Disconnect operation e.g. by pressing hot key (CTRL+PAUSE/BREAK) or disconnect button, etc.
    2. Log off
    3. Switch user
    4. Shutdown
    5. Restart
  2. When another user established a remote connection to the same machine (VM/Physical machine) connected from this thin client device.
  3. When the user privilege is insufficient
  4. When a connection fails due to licensing


Note: Only 5 Local profiles can be created. The older ones must be deleted before creating new ones when it exceeds 5 profiles.

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