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Mobile Token with Google Authenticator

Follow the steps below to quickly configure Google Authenticator as a client for the mobile token option for zMFA.

  1. Login to zGateway Management Console and navigate to AUTH MANAGEMENT zMFA Policy
  2. Click Add button
  3. To configure the new zMFA policy, setup the following options:

    1. Add a name for the policy in the textbox for zMFA Policy Name
    2. Select zGateway option from zMFA Policy Type dropdown
    3. Select your authentication server and choose either users or groups from your Active Directory
    4. Ensure the radio button for Enable Two Factor Authentication is chosen and then make sure the checkbox for Mobile Token is enabled
  4. Click Submit button
  5. Next, navigate to AUTH MANAGEMENT User Profiles
  6. Click on the user you would like to enable Google Authenticator on.
  7. Click on Activate under Tokens Mobile Token
  8. Have the user either scan the QR code with their Google Authenticator app on their phone or provide them with code for them to input manually into Google Authenticator app
  9. Once the user has successfully added zGateway to their Google Authenticator app, they will need to provide the 6 digit code that is shown for zGateway. Be sure you input the code in the zMFA Passcode textbox before the code expires in the user’s app.
  10. User should now be prompted for MFA when logging in to zGateway.
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