Multi-Factor Authentication

SnapVDI zPortal is a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) software suite that enables organizations to create, manage and deliver hosted applications & virtual desktops to end users from a single, centralized data center.

zPortal includes core features that allow administrators to create and manage host applications and virtual desktops, as well as services to provision resources for virtual desktops, broker connections, authenticate users and auditing services.

The zPortal management software is complemented by the SnapOS endpoint software to provide an integrated, cost effective, and complete virtual computing solution. SnapVDI zPortal simplifies the comprehensive management of users’ endpoint devices by providing a single interface solution to manage and deliver applications and virtual desktops across the organization.

SnapVDI zPortal enables companies of any size to centralize all business applications & end user computing resources to a single data center to simplify management, optimize business operations, and increase user productivity.