Restaurants Technologies Inc. trust StorTrends in the Kitchen

RTI relies on StorTrends to store information from some of the most famous restaurants in the country

For more than 15 years, Restaurant Technologies Inc. (RTI) has helped some of the most well-known companies in the foodservice industry improve food quality and consistency, operational efficiency, safety, cleanliness and sustainability through the automated delivery, storage, handling and disposal of fryer oil.

RTI is used by some of the most famous restaurant in the country. Foodservice locations such as McDonald’s, Jack In the Box, Burger King, Albertsons, White Castle, KFC, Carrabba’s, Applebee’s, Chili’s, and The Counter use RTI’s services.

RTI is trusted by over 20,000 restaurant locations for their products and services, so when they were in the process of choosing a storage device for their business’s data, they chose StorTrends.

Why RTI chose StorTrends

RTI’s Network and Systems Administrator, Phil Blakely, stated that the reason RTI chose StorTrends was for technical and business reasons. “We needed something that was going to perform at the level our SQL servers needed and we wanted it to work better than our current solution,” says Blakely. “The specification certainly seemed to be there and pricewise StorTrends compared favorably against other devices in its same class.”

Blakely says that StorTrends was chosen over other options because it had the reliability, features and support RTI was looking for. “We found that metrics such as throughput, capacity, replication, as well as the flexibility of being able to connect to multiple devices of StorTrends products were higher than our current solution and in the range that we wanted to be."

Since the unit has been in production, Blakely has observed that StorTrends has been performing as promised. Specifically, he saw that the thin provisioning and replication process is much nicer than their old solution. Not only is he pleased with the performance of the product, he is also thrilled with the StorTrends Support Team. “StorTrends Support is stellar. The attitude and responsiveness of the StorTrends representatives has been great. Because of their time and effort along with the performance of StorTrends box we plan to buy StorTrends again in the future.”

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Customer Testimonial

"The specification certainly seemed to be there and pricewise StorTrends compared favorably against other devices in its same class."

Phil Blakely
Network & Systems Administrator

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