• Digital Workspaces
          • Digital Workspaces

            Enable desktop & application virtualization, identity management, and secure remote access for work from home (WFH) employees

          • zPortal
          • Controller for desktop and application virtualization via shared hosted desktops and VDI

          • zGateway
          • Secure remote users working from any network on any device to protect corporate data

          • SnapVDI Thin Client (zTC)
          • Thin client endPoint devices for Citrix, Microsoft Hyper-V & WVD and VMware

          • zBrows
          • Provide secure browser-based access to virtualized corporate workspace users

          • zMFA
          • Integrated multi-factor authentication (MFA) for secure user verification on any device

          • zClient
          • Software client for installing on your endpoint devices for connection to zPortal and zGateway

    • Healthcare Solutions
          • Healthcare Solutions

            Remote patient monitoring platform and devices for clinicians and caregivers to remotely monitor the vital signs of their patients

          • ZettaRPM
          • Universal cloud-based remote patient monitoring platform for healthcare organizations

          • B.O.L.T Devices
          • Monitor, track, and improve patients’ health with remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices

    • Data Storage Appliances
          • Data Storage Appliances

            Reliable, high-performance SAN appliances with inclusive snapshots, replication, and  automated data tiering software

          • StorTrends 3500i
          • Extreme-performance SAN with Hybrid and All-Flash configurations to handle even the most demanding workloads

          • StorTrends 3400i
          • Highly reliable HDD-based SAN suited for data retention, backups and low-performance environments

          • StorTrends 3202j
          • Expansion shelf configurable as all-HDD, hybrid, or all-flash to seamlessly add capacity to the StorTrends 3500i or StorTrends 3400i

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Data Storage Solutions – STORTRENDS 3400i

Architected for Performance

The StorTrends 3400i is a 16-bay dual controller SAN unit with expansion capabilities up to 256TB. With Active/Active and Active/Passive configuration support, the 3400i is a highly available and highly reliable storage appliance that comes at an outstanding price to provide true enterprise-class performance in an SMB- and SME-friendly solution. This unit uses the iSCSI protocol and offers a 10GbE connectivity option for extreme throughput capabilities.

Like all other products in the StorTrends product line, the 3400i is shipped with the StorTrends iTX all-inclusive feature set, including WAN Optimization, Automated Data Tiering, Thin Provisioning, and many more. The 3400i also provides a vSphere plug-in to simplify management with VMware environments. Overall, the StorTrends 3400i is the perfect storage solution for organizations searching for a highly reliable and fully functional device that seamlessly expands with growing data demands.

To determine the proper configuration of the StorTrends 3400i for your environment, please download and run the free StorTrends iDATA Tool. This tool will generate a comprehensive report identifying your capacity utilization, IOPS usage, reads versus writes for volumes, network bandwidth performance, server statistics and application information. The detailed report will help identify your environments performance metrics and provide insight on the type of configuration best suited for your infrastructure.

  • WAN Optimization

  • Data Tiering

  • Thin Provisioning

Features & Specifications

iSCSI Support Yes
Advanced Snapshot Module Yes
Maximum Number of Snapshots 8,048 per appliance (read-only/writable)
Archiving with Deduplication and Compression Yes
Asynchronous Replication Yes (Snapshot Assisted)
WAN Data Services (WDS) Yes
Active/Active and Active/Passive High Availability (HA) between controllers Yes
Thin Provisioning Yes
Auto Tiering / Information Lifecycle Management Yes
Capacity Expansion with StorTrends 3202j JBOD Yes
vSphere Plug-in Yes
VAAI Primitives Support Yes
Tier Residency Support Yes
ManageTrends™ Web-based GUI Yes
Storage Resource Management (SRM) Reports Yes
Universal Power Supply (UPS) Support Yes
Network Teaming Support Yes (802.3ad, R.R., A/TLB)
10GbE Ethernet Support Yes
VMware vSphere Plug-in Yes
VAAI Primitives Support Yes
Hardware StorTrends 3400i Dual Controller SAN
Form Factor 3U, 16 bay
Weight 110 lbs (50 kg)
Dimensions 17.2 in x 5.2 in x 24.2 in (437 x 132 x 615 mm)
Power Supply Redundant Yes
Power Supply Hot-swappable Yes
Hard Drive Bays 16
Hard Drive Interface SAS
Drives Hot Swappable Yes
Available Hard Drives 2 TB, 4 TB, 6 TB Hard Drives (7200 RPM NL-SAS drives); 300 GB, 450GB, 600 GB Hard Drives (15000 RPM SAS drives)
Array Capacity Configurations 32 TB, 64 TB 96 TB(7200 RPM NL-SAS drives); 4.8 TB, 7.2 TB, 9.6 TB (15000 RPM SAS drives)
Processor (CPU) Dual Intel® 2.0 GHz E5504 Series Processors
Number of Processors Two (2) QuadCore processors with one (1) processor per controller
Memory 16 GB (8 GB per controller x 2)
Network Interface Controller (NIC) Four (4) GbE LAN Ports (2 NICs per controller); Two (2) 10 GbE Midplanes for internal connectivity
RAID Controller Software RAID with RAID-RT™ Technology
RAID Support RAID 5, 6, 10, 50, 60

StorTrends – 30-DAY EVALUATION

Test the 3400i in your environment for 30 days at no charge and with zero obligations to purchase.

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