StorTrends Helps Supercharge Mighty Auto Parts' Datacenter

Partners to the Automotive Professional

Mighty Auto Parts sources the highest quality auto parts from the world’s leading OE manufacturers, serving as the key connection between manufacturers and professional technicians throughout the country. In today’s world when customer service, support teams and suppliers are often continents apart, it’s comforting to know that the parts, the service, the technical support and business expertise needed are all available from a local Mighty representative. With over 114 locations nationwide, Mighty is partnered with more than 12,000 repair facilities, from independent to large multi-bay specialty shops and tire centers. High quality OEM parts, personalized local service and quality staff make Mighty a dependable partner to thousands of owners, corporations and professional automotive repair shops across the United States. At Mighty, “Partners to the Automotive Professional” is more than just a slogan, it is what is practiced each and every day.

Assessing the Problem & Implementing the Solution

After 50 years of Mighty offering top-notch quality service and support, Director of IT Mark Spruill and Network Administrator Susan Dunson began to notice they were rapidly running out of storage capacity and a solution would be needed. Individual file storage was really taking a toll on the Direct Attached Storage system. Spreadsheets, word processing documents, pictures, Sales & Marketing graphics, videos and presentations were uncontained and creating system backups was an arduous task. Dunson said, “Space was always an issue before, we were constantly having to send out messages to users urging them to clean up their data. Once we moved to StorTrends we have not had a space issue. The file system now is much more self-contained, backups are easier, everything is much smoother and more organized now with StorTrends.”

Knowledgeable and friendly representatives helped assure Spruill that StorTrends was the best choice, “The cost and value were ideal, and StorTrends put its money where its mouth was and gave us a 30-day demo of the box, and after the 30 days there was no way I was giving it back.” The original purpose of the box was bulk storage but the technology proved to be very flexible and also gave the IT Department the option to expand and replicate to another off-site location in the future. Spruill also mentioned, “A lot of the other solutions we looked at only did backup or were storage only or were only geared towards large enterprise companies; StorTrends did everything. StorTrends is the perfect small to medium-sized business solution. A lot of companies will say they have solutions for small to medium-sized corporations but they are not priced in medium-sized dollars.”

Great Service & Support in Return

Mighty Auto Parts is known for providing great service and support and knows how to recognize great service and support when it receives it. Choosing a vendor with great service support and a well respected company with a strong track record like American Megatrends were important factors in the decision. In regards to support Dunson said, “I had a problem on a Saturday afternoon and I got a prompt response. The technician worked with me until the problem was resolved. When I called later regarding a similar issue, the representative retrieved detailed notes regarding the previous issue and used the past ticket to resolve my issue. I was relieved not to have to explain my previous issue again because all the notes were accurate and there.” StorTrends takes pride in its product and as well as support for the product, and as a result the IT Department at Mighty says, “The StorTrends solution is performing as promised and we keep finding more and more useful things we can do with the StorTrends technology.”

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Customer Testimonial

"Space was always an issue before, we were constantly sending out messages urging users to cleanup their data. Once we moved to StorTrends we have not had a space issue."

Susan Dunson
Network Administrator

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