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Heartland Values, Flowing Opportunities

Located 35 miles Southwest of Toledo, Ohio on the Maumee River in Northwest Ohio, the City of Napoleon is the county seat of Henry County. The city was founded in 1834, and formally incorporated in 1950 and home to almost 9,000 residents. The area houses a variety of industries from manufacturing, warehousing, to automotive and the world’s largest Campbell Soup plant.

Prior to StorTrends most of the larger information technology jobs were outsourced, but as costs and demands continued to rise, MIS Administrator Dan Wachtman began to research a more cost-effective solution. After trying out other simple make-shift solutions, researching SAN options and refurbished equipment from EMC2, Dan learned about American Megatrends and the StorTrends solution, “I made the call and the rest was history” said Wachtman.

Making the Switch to StorTrends

The IT department is responsible for supporting 19 other departments that make up the city’s government infrastructure. Throughout the various departments there are a myriad of physical servers from various vendors as well as 25 HP and Citrix Virtual Servers, SQL databases all in a Windows and LINUX environment. Without the ability to snapshot and replicate, Wachtman would often lose sleep at night worrying about maintaining all of the various systems.

The City of Napoleon's Experience with StorTrends

Adding SAN to the City of Napoleon’s IT environment has revolutionized how business is done interdepartmentally. Some of the benefits experienced are latency is reduced, file sharing is easier and more organized, increased flexibility, easier storage deployment, and reduced overall storage costs.

A good product alone does not make a great company, the people who sell and support should be equally exceptional. Making the jump to SAN was a challenge in the beginning and Wachtman made full use of the StorTrends support plan, StorAID. Regarding his experience with StorAID, Wachtman had this to say: “The salesman was great, really nice and professional and the technical support that we experienced was next to none. I would tell anyone, if your technical support is like my first experience with it, there is no reason to buy anyone else. Dan Wachtman has been involved in the IT division for 15 years and says, “There are very few that come close to the service we got in the beginning and from that point on. When we needed them they were there.” The City of Napoleon is thrilled to have exciting features such as snapshots and disaster recovery, and with the help StorTrends a great town in America’s heartland just got better.

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Customer Testimonial

"I’ll buy another box from AMI when it’s time. There are very few that come close to the service we got in the beginning and from that point on. When we needed them they were there."

Dan Wachtman
MIS Administrator

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