One Vendor
SnapVDI is a single product that offers a complete VDI solution in an easy to understand package. A major challenge when deploying a VDI solution is understanding all of the complexities that come with separate vendors for servers, storage, memory, CPU’s, software, and licenses. With the traditional “build your own” approach to VDI, not only are you on your own to figure out the necessary licenses, but you are also left dealing with a number of vendors, all with different service contracts. This configuration also invites vendor finger-pointing if an issue is encountered. SnapVDI simplifies this entire process and gives you the peace of mind that you have a reliable vendor to assist you with any questions or issues that may arise.

Standalone Solution
A major issue that cripples many VDI implementations is integrating into existing infrastructures. In an integrated configuration, you are adding desktop virtualization workloads to your organization’s server resources, network bandwidth, and storage performance.  The problem is that desktop virtualization poses different challenges when it comes to predicting how much horsepower will be required for your users. Servers are generally quite predictable in their workloads, whereas an end user’s workload can be very unpredictable. For example, if users have a tendency to view the latest viral videos on YouTube or stream music while we work; these unplanned workloads will bring an entire infrastructure to its knees in an integrated configuration. SnapVDI is a standalone solution dedicated to serving your Virtual Desktops and isolating potentially undesired workloads from your central infrastructure.

Another hurdle many IT Administrators face when deploying VDI is meeting the performance expectations from their end-users. As technology professionals, we are always searching for the next great thing, and a lot of users would be happy to perform their work tasks using a new zero client instead of a desktop. However, that tune will quickly change if their fun new device is slower than what they just gave up. SnapVDI is built from the ground up to provide the same performance that users have come to expect from their traditional PC’s. SnapVDI has our patented SPARK technology, which is a software caching accelerator. SPARK resides at the RAM layer of the SnapVDI servers and monitors users’ access pattern and intelligently provisions resources where they are needed most.

All VDI solutions will inherently provide added security to your infrastructure. A large number of enterprises have adopted a much more mobile workforce as well as a growing number of users’ devices that are accessing the central network. All of these devices pose security risks and mobile users are out in the field equipped with your enterprise’s sensitive data. VDI provides a central image that your mobile users can access regardless of location or device. So, not only is your data centrally located, but security controls are also centrally deployed. Company-wide virus scans can be rolled out in a single operation rather than on a per device instance. Users’ accessing the internet can certainly still experience security threats, but with SnapVDI that threat will simply be limited to the template the user is accessing. If a threat is encountered, that session is restarted and the threat is mitigated. SnapVDI also provides advanced features such as USB port control. USB port control give the IT administrator to ability to selectively shut down USB ports on users’ zero clients to keep unwanted data from entering the network or sensitive data from being copied to a USB device.

Hassle Free POC!
Many VDI implementations fail because of improper planning, which leads to poor end-users’ experience. The way to avoid such issues is to have a proper proof of concept (POC). SnapVDI provides a hassle-free POC. All of the components from the SnapVDI solution are brought onsite with no cost and no obligation to purchase. During the POC timeframe, SnapVDI engineers will provide training on the product and features, as well as assist in the proper scoping for the different user pools. POC configurations come complete with servers, storage, and zero clients to provide for a complete discovery of the load and proof of users’ experience.

To learn more about SnapVDI and the additional benefits that we offer, please contact us at Let us help you get your VDI project off the ground and running!

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