SSL-VPN – Secure Sockets Layer – Virtual Private Network

Secure VPN for Remote User Access – Trust Nothing, Verify Everything

An SSL VPN leverages SSL/TLS technology to provide secure remote access to your corporate resources. SSL VPN connections utilize end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to protect data going between a user’s client and the SSL VPN server. By using SSL/TLS technology, users can connect to their VPN via a simple web browser, eliminating the need for additional clients, which can often be complicated to setup. SSL VPN leverages VPN tunnels to give authenticated users access to specific resources within the corporate network without having to open the entire network to the internet. By doing this, the risk of potential hackers eavesdropping on the data being accessed remotely and extracting or modifying that data is mitigated drastically.



• Centralized, Simplified and unified management of client devices
• Report Generation
• Device Inventory and User sessions
• Device analytics and monitoring
• Email Alerts

30-Day Evaluation

30-Day Evaluation
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