• Digital Workspaces
          • Digital Workspaces

            Enable desktop & application virtualization, identity management, and secure remote access for work from home (WFH) employees

          • zPortal
          • Controller for desktop and application virtualization via shared hosted desktops and VDI

          • zGateway
          • Secure remote users working from any network on any device to protect corporate data

          • SnapVDI Thin Client (zTC)
          • Thin client endPoint devices for Citrix, Microsoft Hyper-V & WVD and VMware

          • zBrows
          • Provide secure browser-based access to virtualized corporate workspace users

          • zMFA
          • Integrated multi-factor authentication (MFA) for secure user verification on any device

          • zClient
          • Software client for installing on your endpoint devices for connection to zPortal and zGateway

    • Healthcare Solutions
          • Healthcare Solutions

            Remote patient monitoring platform and devices for clinicians and caregivers to remotely monitor the vital signs of their patients

          • ZettaRPM
          • Universal cloud-based remote patient monitoring platform for healthcare organizations

          • B.O.L.T Devices
          • Monitor, track, and improve patients’ health with remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices

    • Data Storage Appliances
          • Data Storage Appliances

            Reliable, high-performance SAN appliances with inclusive snapshots, replication, and  automated data tiering software

          • StorTrends 3500i
          • Extreme-performance SAN with Hybrid and All-Flash configurations to handle even the most demanding workloads

          • StorTrends 3400i
          • Highly reliable HDD-based SAN suited for data retention, backups and low-performance environments

          • StorTrends 3202j
          • Expansion shelf configurable as all-HDD, hybrid, or all-flash to seamlessly add capacity to the StorTrends 3500i or StorTrends 3400i

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Corporate Events

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10/20 Webinar: How MSPs can Create a Digitial Workspace that’s Simple, Secure and Easy to Manage

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10/22 Webinar: Migrating Existing Infrastructure to a Virtual Environment

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10/29 Virtual Lunch & Learn: AmZetta Digital Workspaces

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12/3 Virtual Lunch & Learn: VPN vs SSL-Gateway with Zero Trust Architecture

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