AmZetta ACI – Always Connected Internet

Revolutionizing Connectivity for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

Always Connected Internet (ACI) is a HW based Network Appliance that is a part of the AmZetta zWAN SD-WAN product family. ACI delivers multiple WAN connections guaranteeing connectivity to the Internet without disruptions to small and medium sized organizations as well as a number of SD-WAN features that are usually reserved for enterprise level organizations.


Legacy Connection

zWAN ACI Connection

Current Challenges

Most small to medium single office businesses operate with a single WAN connection. Often times these organizations resort to expensive low bandwidth MPLS for their internet connectivity. Relying on a single WAN can result in connectivity issues which can bring an organization to a halt. Utilizing a single connection can also result in a bandwidth crunch leading to poor performance for business critical applications or poor quality VoIP calls and Teams/Zoom conferences. In this model high priority applications are given the same access to bandwidth as low priority applications resulting in very inefficient utilization of available bandwidth.

How ACI Solves the Problems

The ACI network appliance is connected at a single office location and provides multiple public WAN connections. ACI eliminates the need for costly leased/dedicated lines such as MPLS. SD-WAN has typically been reserved for large enterprises with multiple locations, large budgets and teams of IT resources. SD-WAN uses standard public networks (such as Broadband, 4G LTE and 5G) making highly optimized, secure and resilient connectivity and SD-WAN functionality available for even the smallest of organizations.

Features & Benefits of ACI

ACI HW is available in many HW configurations to meet your requirements
Muli-Path WAN Connectivity
– Eliminates the need for expensive leased/dedicated MPLS
– Utilization of lower cost higher bandwidth WAN options
– Broadband, LTE/5G
– Flexible configurations – WAN connections can be set up
in a HA configuration for automatic fo/fb, Link aggregation
for increased bandwidth or path affinity where network
traffic will automatically switch connections if high latency
or packet loss is present.
– Asymmetric Load Balancing
SaaS Breakout
– Eliminate network traffic to trusted SaaS applications from back hauling to the DC and allow a secure direct connection and increased application performance

Dynamic data steering
– Steer or route network traffic using one or multiple WAN links based on priority, network conditions or traffic patterns. Data packets are automatically steered to specific WAN links based on link availability, to balance network traffic, improve performance and to save costs.
QoS based on Application Prioritization
– IPS/IDS, Encryption, Ad-Blocking, Deep Packet Inspection
Local Management
Detailed Network Analytics
Simple Deployment