Zero Trust Network Access

The Value of Zero Trust

As network security advances, the rules we use to identify who is permitted access to our org’s most important corporate systems has become more obscured. Mobile and cloud technologies have given us new avenues from which to access the corporate network (and the data behind it). As a result, the boundaries we once used to validate a user’s identity, be it by device, location, or credentials have become obsolete. Networks now face a new challenge: how to differentiate users amidst a sea of masqueraders attempting to impersonate your employees. Most of whom are now working from home.

Zero Trust isn’t just a technology. It’s a philosophy. Here is a handy definition of the term from our analyst friends at Gartner.

With so much ambiguity, binary access needs to be discarded and instead, replaced with Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA). An important part of a well-rounded Digital Workspace suite, ZTNA technology doesn’t consider every attempt at access a threat. But it sure as heck verifies that before anyone gets in, using very strict contextual access parameters that you get to set based on what’s important to your organization.

Think you might need a ZTNA strategy to support your remote team? Read our new Solutions Brief and find out.

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Re-Create the Best Aspects of the Office Experience at Home

(In Less Than Four Hours)

With the new adoption of “work-from-home” business platforms, companies are on the hook to provide their remote users with a solution that emulates the best aspects of the “in office” on-premise experience. During the early months of the quarantine, a lot of organizations found themselves in a bit of a pickle: security was only as good as your VPN solution and the business rules governing who could do what and access what were extremely loose. Particularly for smaller companies that lacked comprehensive data governance and IAM strategies.

Fixing the problem doesn’t have to take a year. AmZetta, in fact, can solve it within four hours. Here is our pledge to any interested company or organization considering an investment in a Digital Workspace solution: we’ll get an effective Zero Trust Gateway proof-of-concept stood up in your corporate environment in less than half a business day.

We’ll walk you and your team through the process just as if you were a customer. We’ll provide support during the POC trial period. And if you’d like to continue using the technology, we’ll make you a very aggressive offer.

Don’t let a perceived lack of budget or concerns about complexity keep your mid-market business from realizing the security and user experience benefits of a zero trust product like AmZetta’s zGateway. All the details related to the POC offer can be found here.

What can you do with a Digital Workspace Solution?

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