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Digital Workspaces Designed for the Mid-Market: The AmZetta Difference

Go to any enterprise software review site and you’ll find hundreds of reviews of from IT pros that have used Digital Workspace solutions from a variety of vendors. Probably half of those are for products from the two industry leaders: Citrix and VMware.

Citrix and VMware create good technology. But take a closer look at those reviews and you’ll see that most of the positive reviews are from IT professionals from very large companies and organizations. Large enterprises that have extremely deep pockets, big internal teams, and the ability to hire 3rd party systems integrators.

Companies in the mid-market don’t have those luxuries. They have the SAME problems, but a product like Citrix Workspace is often a bridge too far: it eats up budget, requires a lengthy and highly involved implementation, and dedicated talent to manage the solution post go-live.

That’s what makes AmZetta different. We designed our Digital Workspace solution specifically for the mid-market buyer. Our products are often more than 25% less than similar solutions from Citrix and VMware. They can be implemented by your team or a preferred MSP/VAR partner in hours, not months (in any environment: on-premise, hybrid, or cloud).

Here is our pledge to any interested company, public sector organization, or educational institution currently considering a Digital Workspace solution:

We will BEAT the price of any bid you’ve already received. We’ll also deliver the best customer support experience in the industry. Often this means saving up to 25% for technology with the same core capabilities, a better customer support experience, and a faster, less-intensive implementation process. That’s the AmZetta Way.

By the way, if you try out our zPortal or zGateway product for 30 days (free of charge), we’ll throw in a little personal incentive. Details on the promotion can be found here.


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What makes AmZetta different?

There is a lot riding on the decision IT pros make around virtualization and Digital Workspaces. Here are three reasons AmZetta delivers a much better total cost of ownership (TCO) than its competitors.

1. AmZetta zPortal is implemented the way a Digital Workspace solution should be implemented. When working with complex, enterprise-software, often the implementation and systems integration work costs twice as much as the actual software (you’ve probably experienced this). How does AmZetta keep implementation costs under control?

  • The flexibility to use on-prem, cloud or a hybrid model.
  • Even in this world of cloud, it sometimes makes sense to use the on-prem you’ve already paid for. If it will save you money and perform, we’ll let you know.
  • AmZetta always defaults to using existing infrastructure when possible – repurposing existing servers and storage, etc.
  • By using COTS HW, you’re not locked into a specific vendor.
  • AmZetta zPortal can be implemented on any industry standards like Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware ESXi, technologies that most IT pros already know (and likely own).
  • AmZetta zPortal interfaces with Active Directory for setting up Access Controls. This minimizes potential disruptions, and in turn, frees valuable set-up time.

2. AmZetta is built for the mid-market. What does that mean beyond affordability?

  • Our engineers have developed AmZetta zPortal with a simple elegance to make it easy for the mid-market IT pro to manage the technology post-implementation. Again, that means using off-the-shelf hardware, as well as standard, commonly used software (when possible). Our unique IT makes that possible.
  • Implementation done in HOURS, not weeks. If you’d like to put that to the test, try our free no-risk 30 Day Trial. We’ll walk you through the process, get you set up, and turn over the keys. Should you have a question during your PC? You’ll receive the same courtesy and timely response we give all our customers. See the link below for details on how to sign up.
  • Capex vs Opex. When customers want to adopt an Opex model, AmZetta zPortal can be delivered in cloud environment as what we call VDI-as-a-Service (VaaS).
  • We train you on what you need to know to get the most from the product. We’re not going to require 10 of your people to fly out to our office for four days. No. We’ve reduced our training curriculum so that it can be delivered in a few hours. We focus on what you as the potential administrator and power user need to know.

3. AmZetta zPortal – like all AmZetta Digital Workspace products – comes with an enterprise-quality customer support & service experience. We guarantee all customers direct access to the team that designed and built the product. On the first call. That applies to customers with 10 remote users just as much as it does to accounts with 1,000 or more.

Virtualized desktops and applications are critical to keeping your remote workers happy and productive. They also give front-line managers intel into how work-from-home employees are behaving. And perhaps most important, they give you the long-term security that stop-gap solutions like VPN can’t deliver.

We’re ready to engage when you are!

What can you do with a Digital Workspace Solution?

Organizations across industries such as Educational, Financial, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail and more rely on Digital Workspace Solutions. Learn more about how your company can rely on a Digital Workspace Solution by clicking on the solution type below.

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