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Instant Access from Any device, Any Location for Retail Employees and Customers

Digital Workspaces for Retail will improve productivity for employees, remote staff and associates, while providing customers with an easy-to-use solution built for high performance retail transactions. To operate efficiently and effectively retailers need to rely on a system that will work across all locations which can span city, state or country wide (often times even beyond a country’s border). A retail organization needs to be able to adjust quickly to market changes, deliver new product information and marketing information across the entire enterprise. A Digital Workspace solution provides the platform to connect store associates, remote staff and the corporate to keep all resources up to date in real time. The Digital Workspace solution assists retailers in addressing these IT challenges and delivers corporate resources across all locations while remaining centrally managed and keeping all devices and applications up to date with patches, anti-virus and security patches.

The utilization of a zero-trust network ensures that the sensitive transactional and customer data are safe from outside malicious threats. Realizing these benefits keeps your retail organization ahead of the competition.

AmZetta’s Digital Workspace solution is the amalgamation of many advance technologies such as: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for managing virtual applications and desktops, a Zero-Trust based gateway for secure remote access, integrated identity management suite to secure users and devices, multi-factor authentication (MFA) security verification, all to keep your data safe and protected. AmZetta has tightly integrated each of these components under a single solution to reduce susceptibility and management strain while boosting revenue and user satisfaction.

Securely deliver apps, data and services to retail employees while improving productivity, reducing costs and enhancing cybersecurity with AmZetta Digital Workspace Solutions.

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Accessibility and Ease of Platform Adoption

Provide your employees with an easy to manage workspace to free up resources and encourage growth. Coupled with higher productivity, the value of your employees will grow and lead to an increase for both quality and quantity of tasks. Your point-of-sales associates require a clean and concise platform that can provide them the same level of accessibility regardless of what register or location they are making a sale. Provide your team with more availability to the tools they need to maximize their collaboration and utilize their skill sets. Maintaining a satisfying user experience equates to a more productive user. With a digital workspace solution, you gain both benefits from a single consolidated pane and allow your users access from a wider selection of devices without pinning them down to a single department or store.

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Uncompromised Performance and Security

A Digital Workspace solution offers all the benefits of productivity, management, and utility under a singular umbrella of security. Integrating directly into your existing infrastructure, a digital workspace solution enhances your existing level of security and couples it with its own intrinsic perks such as containerization. As a result, you can gain all the security features within your corporate network and pass them to any of your users you wish for remote access without jeopardizing sensitive data.

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Boost Revenue

The implementation of Digital Workspaces offers multiple avenues to return your investment and capitalize on financial gains. Maintain your entire infrastructure from a single centralized location and streamline operation cycles by allowing for cohesive communication for your whole staff. Allow your point-of-sales team to quickly coordinate with shipping or their inventory department to effectively collaborate with potential customers.

What can you do with a Digital Workspace Solution?

Organizations across industries such as Educational, Financial, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail and more rely on Digital Workspace Solutions. Learn more about how your company can rely on a Digital Workspace Solution by clicking on the solution type below.

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