Thin Clients & Endpoint Devices

Thin Clients – Another Level of Data Security

Despite the perception that the cloud is essentially ubiquitous, there are still several industries for whom data security, secrecy, and privacy is absolutely mission critical. In financial services and banking, government, education, and healthcare (think HIPPA), the risks aren’t just a tarnished brand or loss of revenue.

You can run afoul of federal or state regulations and laws. People can go to jail. Thin Clients do more than providing an extra layer of security. They limit what users can do. They restrict access to the OS, can keep users from illegally copying files and data, and can’t install unapproved software.

The hardware behind virtualization, the growth projections for the Thin Client market are strong. That includes very positive projections for smaller businesses as solutions from vendors like AmZetta become more affordable and energy efficient.

If your organization needs that extra level of data protection, check out our zTC product page. Be sure to check out the pricing comparison!

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