Seamless Remote Control

Introducing the zMAN Director, your ultimate solution for centralized management of zTC Thin Clients. As a robust management server, zMAN Director empowers seamless remote control, ensuring effortless access to device details, statuses, and a suite of management functionalities. From Power Management to Profiling and Device settings, zMAN Director offers a comprehensive array of features to streamline operations.

At the heart of zMAN Director lies its centralized Manager, a powerful tool that simplifies the configuration and management of client devices across the network. Gone are the days of tedious manual interventions; with zMAN Director, tasks are streamlined, allowing for efficient control and optimization of resources. Whether adjusting power settings, creating personalized profiles, or fine-tuning device configurations, zMAN Director empowers administrators with intuitive controls and robust security features, redefining the paradigm of device management with efficiency and ease.


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Product Details

zMAN Components

zMAN Director – Centralized Management Station
zDM – Device Management Server Component
zTC – Client Component
zID – Identity Provider service

zDM – Device Management Server Component

zMAN Functionalities

• Login/Authentication
• Dashboard View
• Device Provisioning
• Connection Profiles
• MS Protocol
• Citrix Connectivity
• VMWare Connectivity

zMAN Functionalities

• Power Management & Settings
• Factory Reset
• Client Setting Configurations
• Certificate Management
• Firmware Update
• FTP Configuration