Secure Remote Access for Remote Workers

Why is Secure Remote Access Important?

Think about how many SaaS applications your remote employees touch in each workday. More than five? It’s not out of the ordinary. Prior to 2020, most employees accessed them from a single, corporate device. Usually from the corporate network (while in the office).

Fast forward to today. Everyone is working from everywhere, everyone has a smartphone, a tablet, a corporate laptop, perhaps even a personal laptop. They are working all hours of the day, relying on multiple unsecure network connections to get the access to what they need to produce. There is going to back to the halcyon days of 2019: according to a late 2021 study from PwC, 83% of EMPLOYERS believe that the shift to remote work has been successful.

Your remote employees need a SINGLE safe, secure, and simplified path to the SaaS and on-premise software they need to do their jobs. A technology that gives them secure remote access on every device they own, 24/7. The technology is there. And you’d be surprised just how affordable it can be for companies in the mid-market.


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Making Remote Management Easier

In a report published before the pandemic hit, Gartner reported that only 9% of customers solve their technical issues through self-service. Translation: when people have a technical problem, they want to talk to an actual person. Another sobering statistic your IT team knows all too well: on average, it takes approximately 30 minutes to complete an IT help desk call. Expect the next round of stats to increase exponentially thanks to COVID-19.

Now imagine your employees have a single HTML page they can access from any device. It certainly simplifies one’s BYOD policy. Secure gateways deliver a better experience for remote employees. For you and your IT team, they make management of those same employees a thousand times easier.

One URL to remember. One login (preferably with multi-factor authentication). For every single device in their possession. No more pushing out security updates that most employees ignore until there is a problem.

VPNs can’t do that. Digital Workspace solutions from vendors like Citrix and VMware can deliver the technical goods, but they can be awfully expensive and complicated for organizations with less IT resources to work with. We believe security and user experience can be affordable for any company.

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Check our new guide on “How to Secure BYOD & Unmanaged Devices for Remote Users”. We share our thoughts on BYOD post-pandemic and highlight what makes our solution different from the others.

VPN Hacks Are on The Rise.

VPN has a reputation as the “go to” security solution for smaller businesses and organizations. We recently published our opinion on VPNs vs. Digital Workspace solutions in a new Security Brief (see the link below). But is the potential security risk worth it when Secure Gateway solutions are becoming more affordable and easier to implement?

Case in Point: Security firm FireEye recently went public with their review of a very popular corporate VPN solution from Pulse Secure. Looking under the hood, FireEye found that Pulse’s product was literally riddled with malware. Check out the piece published in the April 25, 2021 edition of Wired. Sobering indeed. We outline our opinion in our “Is My VPN a Vulnerability” Solutions Brief.

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