VaaS vs. DaaS

Virtual desktops & apps are more and more becoming hosted virtual desktops and apps. If you pay close attention to trends in virtualization, you’ll notice a lot of comparisons to VDI and DaaS (Desktop as a Service).

So what’s the difference between VaaS and DaaS? Let’s explore.

What is Daas?

DaaS, it’s important to note, is NOT just cloud VDI. It’s fully managed cloud VDI. One’s VDI instance is hosted in the cloud and is managed by a 3rd party – typically an MSP. The MSP is on the hook to resolve issues and manage the relationship with the VDI vendor. They do all of the testing, the PUG fixes, the security checks on the cloud servers, etc.

It’s for those companies that are looking to completely OUTSOURCE their entire virtualization project. There are some security benefits. And there are certainly advantages in the sense it frees up client IT resources to focus on other strategic priorities. But it’s not for everyone.

A lot of companies – due to data regulations within their industry – wish to retain a certain level of control. Those same companies, however, may not want to give up the benefits of cloud hosting. For those companies, AmZetta has developed what we like to call VDI-as-a-Service (VaaS).

VaaS – The Benefits of the Cloud with Full Control

VaaS, very simply, is VDI that’s hosted in the cloud. VDI technology from AmZetta, as an example, can be hosted on a private or public cloud. Customers get all of the benefits associated with the cloud, but THEY get to retain the relationship with AmZetta. They also contain full control over testing, security protocols – all of the things that are important to customers in data-sensitive industries like government, healthcare (again, think HIPPA), financial services and banking, and education.

AmZetta’s VDI technology can be hosted in any cloud of interest to the customer. Cloud agnostic, we can make recommendations, but if you have a relationship with someone like Microsoft Azure or AWS, that’s fine with us.

Besides control, VaaS is a heck of a lot less expensive than the fully hosted & managed DaaS option.

Interested in exploring the VaaS option? First of all, we’d encourage you to learn more about our core VDI product – zPortal. The following page has tons of great information on the product, its benefits for companies in the midmarket, and what we’re doing to make the product HIGHLY affordable and attractive for interested parties!

Free VDI Trial | AmZetta Technologies™

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