Digital Workspace for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)

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Secure Access to Apps, Data and Services with Digital Workspaces for BFSI

The Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) sector is among the most vulnerable industries when it comes to targeted cyberattacks. And with an increase of work-from-home employees, dealing with evolving risks and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards has only made things more difficult. BFSI organizations are accelerating their migration to a fully integrated end-to-end Digital Workspace solution, comprising End User Computing (EUC) Virtualization, Application Access Gateway, and Identity & Access Management solutions.

Coupled with a contextual access engine, device entry control, elaborate data leakage prevention functionality, and an integrated Multi-factor authentication feature, Digital Workspaces can help maintain optimal data security around the clock. And with a Zero Trust security architecture, you can rest assured that users are securely accessing their assigned applications and desktops from any device and from anywhere without jeopardizing sensitive data.

Implement a Zero Trust Security Architecture for enhanced protection of sensitive data and apps with integrated Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) of a Digital Workspace solution. Tighten control of users and devices to achieve greatly security control while only allowing access to the required apps, data and services within the secured users virtual workspace.

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Regulatory Compliance

The BFSI industry adheres to a number of regulatory standards, such as the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the Federal Reserve Board (FRB), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) only to name a few. Non-compliance may eventually result in unwanted disruptions to businesses or shutdown. When so much is at risk, it is important for a BFSI organization to meet these standards and implement a solution that captures the criteria for every standard, such as securing remote access for their users.

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Endpoint Device Control

Before any end-user is allowed to access corporate resources, the user’s device must be scanned and the trust level of the device must be evaluated. With the AmZetta Digital Workspace solution you can control not only the methods of access but ensure the endpoint device contains the proper antivirus software to negate compromising malware. AmZetta also offers a line of thin clients (zTC) as endpoint devices for further security control.

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When an end user remotely connects into your BFSI network, they might be unintentionally opening a breach for untrusted sources from their own network. Thus a remote access solution needs to be secure enough to authorize and authenticate a user prior to establishing the connection. With the AmZetta Multi-factor Authentication (zMFA) suite, you can specify who, where, and how access should be established and what resources are assigned.

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Company resources need to be tracked and audited; users, locations, and times are all important to maintaining a detailed report. Moreover, there must be ownership on how users are accessing company data and what they should be allowed to access. With the AmZetta Digital Workspace, organizations can see metrics for all the activity within their environment and ensure all regulatory norms are met and accounted for.

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Data Loss Prevention

Remote users have the power to do anything from their endpoint devices; Copy/Paste data, take screenshots, and perform screen recordings. Without the proper control, a company may unintentionally expose their most valuable data. However, with a digital workspace, you can mitigate these problems by enforcing the connection with increased policy protection, disabling a user from utilizing those common functions and watermark all accessed files.

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Improved User Experience

Studies have shown that remote workers are more productive than their office-based counterparts. This is in no little part due to the advancements in collaboration. Workers can now create, modify, and review the same file in real-time and provide quick feedback to resolve and complete tasks like never before. And by making the utilities and tools more user friendly, you simultaneously encourage employees to continue utilizing such a platform to complete their most crucial tasks.

Between on-prem, hybrid, and cloud infrastructures there lies a gray area for employees who want a simple work-from-home solution. They require both flexibility in their schedules as well as in their work environment. An effective solution to meet both needs would be to eliminate the differences between a local user accessing their work environment and a work-from-home user. With a single portal client, it does not matter where your employees are or from what device their using. By simplifying this aspect, you can easily maintain control and security for your infrastructure.

What can you do with a Digital Workspace Solution?

Organizations across industries such as Educational, Financial, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail and more rely on Digital Workspace Solutions. Learn more about how your company can rely on a Digital Workspace Solution by clicking on the solution type below.

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