Digital Workspace for Healthcare

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Secure Access to Apps, Data and Services with Digital Workspaces for Healthcare

Equip your Healthcare IT team with a modern digital workspace solution and provide your clinics with instantaneous and remote access to their patients’ data and information from any facility, any device, and from any network while maintaining uncompromising security.

Provide secure instant access to patient information across the healthcare system from any facility, any device in any network. Tighten control of users and devices to achieve enhanced security control while easily allowing access to the required apps, data and services required by the clinicians and healthcare resources.

AmZetta’s Digital Workspace (DWS) solution is the amalgamation of many advance technologies such as: a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for managing virtual applications and desktops, a Zero-Trust based gateway for secure remote access (ZTNA), an integrated identity management suite to monitor users, a multi-factor authentication (MFA) controller for validation, and data leakage protection to keep your data safe and contained. AmZetta has tightly integrated each of these components under a single solution to reduce susceptibility and management strain while boosting revenue, user satisfaction, and employee productivity.

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Securing Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Protected Health Information (PHI)

When it comes to Healthcare, data integrity and security is paramount. With the AmZetta DWS solution, you can containerize your environment and keep data such as a patient’s financial and medical records or their clinical trails safe and secure on your network instead of on an endpoint device. Coupled with a Zero-Trust based gateway, and multi-factor authentication, you can supply your clinical staff with a secure means of access while enabling your IT department with the ability to succinctly manage, monitor, and log access across their environment. As a result, regardless of device or location, PHI and EHR data remains consolidated behind advance access policies per user on a contextual level.

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Deliver a Consistent Employee Experience

Reduce readmissions by improving patient engagement with reliable delivery of diagnoses, prognoses, and treatment information. AmZetta’s Digital Workspace solution is designed to increase satisfaction for clinicians and patients alike by offering both the mobility and flexibility of easy and secure remote access to necessary healthcare applications and resources through a simplified user interface. Elevate the accessibility and adoption of a new digital platform by providing users with a clean and concise interface and allow for the tools and records your users need to maximize collaboration and communication between your clinicians and patients.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Enforce policies to meet HIPAA and HITECH compliance. Configure contextual access on a granular level and containerize data within your network to reduce data leakage. Maintain real time auditing with integrated security logs and reports to capture active users and data.

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Ensure Business Continuity and Resilience

Configure a disaster proof platform to ensure your clinicians and healthcare providers have access to a solution with high availability. Allow for quick and reliable access to critical resources from any device or location. Utilizing multi-factor authentication (MFA) and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), remote access can be kept both secure and manageable to allow for a simplified user experience.

What can you do with a Digital Workspace Solution?

Organizations across industries such as Educational, Financial, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail and more rely on Digital Workspace Solutions. Learn more about how your company can rely on a Digital Workspace Solution by clicking on the solution type below.

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