• Digital Workspaces
          • Digital Workspaces

            Enable desktop & application virtualization, identity management, and secure remote access for work from home (WFH) employees

          • zPortal
          • Controller for desktop and application virtualization via shared hosted desktops and VDI

          • zGateway
          • Secure remote users working from any network on any device to protect corporate data

          • SnapVDI Thin Client (zTC)
          • Thin client endPoint devices for Citrix, Microsoft Hyper-V & WVD and VMware

          • zBrows
          • Provide secure browser-based access to virtualized corporate workspace users

          • zMFA
          • Integrated multi-factor authentication (MFA) for secure user verification on any device

          • zClient
          • Software client for installing on your endpoint devices for connection to zPortal and zGateway

    • Healthcare Solutions
          • Healthcare Solutions

            Remote patient monitoring platform and devices for clinicians and caregivers to remotely monitor the vital signs of their patients

          • ZettaRPM
          • Universal cloud-based remote patient monitoring platform for healthcare organizations

          • B.O.L.T Devices
          • Monitor, track, and improve patients’ health with remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices

    • Data Storage Appliances
          • Data Storage Appliances

            Reliable, high-performance SAN appliances with inclusive snapshots, replication, and  automated data tiering software

          • StorTrends 3500i
          • Extreme-performance SAN with Hybrid and All-Flash configurations to handle even the most demanding workloads

          • StorTrends 3400i
          • Highly reliable HDD-based SAN suited for data retention, backups and low-performance environments

          • StorTrends 3202j
          • Expansion shelf configurable as all-HDD, hybrid, or all-flash to seamlessly add capacity to the StorTrends 3500i or StorTrends 3400i

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Join us for this one (1) hour webinar on How MSPs can create a Digital Workspace for On-prem, Remote and Work from Home (WFH) Clients – October 20, 2020 @ 1:00pm ET

As all of us have been affected by the current Covid-19 pandemic, so has virtually every business. Businesses are faced with the challenge of providing their workforce with the tools necessary to remain productive. Many companies have some other workforce that is capable of working remotely or from home while many others are must be present at corporate facilities to conduct their responsibilities. This creates a burden for IT teams to be able deliver a cohesive solution that would accommodate all working conditions. Join us for a 1 hour webinar to learn how AmZetta’s Digital Workspaces will help your organization deliver a single solution that will deliver your corporate resources to your workforce whether they are working on-prem, from remote or home offices, remotely or a combination of any of these modern office models.