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Product: DuOS (AMI DuOS)

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Thank you for being a valued AmZetta Customer. The AMI DuOS product has been discontinued and is no longer supported.

Working remotely is now the new normal. Supporting and securing work-from-anywhere, anytime using any device has become the #1 focus for IT professionals and business leaders. This means that companies and organizations of all sizes must understand the options available for improving remote access security to enhance the overall IT security strategy.

VPNs and firewalls are not providing enough protection; cybersecurity threats are increasingly targeting remote users as a pathway into the corporate network, data, apps and systems. Fortunately, this Security Brief is here to help.

Read along and you’ll gain insight into:

  • VPN security holes – How and why your organization is at risk supporting remote workers and users
  • Security improvements to protect your network, data, apps, and systems while enabling remote access
  • Cost-effective digital workspace solutions can enhance IT security from remote users & devices
  • How a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and hosted apps can prevent malware, viruses and cyberattacks
  • Trends in Digital Workspaces, VDI and DaaS research findings from ESG (Enterprise Strategy Group)


Download the Security Brief and learn how to improve remote user security today!

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