POC Overview

Thank you for evaluating the zWAN SD-WAN solution. To begin the POC process, please review the POC Overview and complete the POC Discovery Form below. Once you submit this form, an AmZetta Solutions Engineer will contact you via email with the next steps for the POC.

There are four (4) components that can be utilized for the zWAN POC.

  1. Director – The Director is the centralized SD-WAN Manager that is hosted within the AmZetta Cloud by default. For the POC, you will receive a username and password to access your dedicated tenant within the Director.

  2. vCPE – The vCPE software that is installed within your virtual infrastructure and can be installed within any Virtual Machine (VM). For the POC, you will be sent the vCPE installer with prerequisites and installation steps.

  3. EC – The EC is a hardware appliance that will be shipped to you fully provisioned. For the POC, you will simply unbox and plug-in the EC and it will onboard itself using zWAN ZTP (Zero Touch Provisioning).

  4. vEC – The vEC is software that is installed on a Windows Endpoint (Windows 10 build 1903+ and Windows 11 [Educational, Professional, or Enterprise]). AmZetta will ship you a USB dongle that will plug into the Windows Endpoint that will provide for LTE connectivity.

POC Discovery Form

Please complete the form below to help us accurately scope an SD-WAN solution that meets your specific needs.