Centralized management for IT Admins to configure, update, manage and troubleshoot Thin Clients.

With the wide spread adoption of VDI solutions by enterprises around the globe, in order to meet rapidly changing work environments, many organizations have been increasingly moving from traditional desktops to Thin Client end-point devices to avoid maintaining expensive and management intensive desktops and laptops. This is a great option to reduce costs and simplify user experiences. However, many thin client solutions on the market today fall short in how they manage their devices or require additional licensing fees in order to obtain their management tools. AmZetta’s Thin Client offerings (zTC) comes our Endpoint Management at no additional cost.

Here at AmZetta we have an Endpoint Management solution that provides centralized web-based management of client devices from a single pane of glass. The Endpoint Management Solution helps to reduce PC infrastructure management costs, enhances data security and cuts down IT management overhead. Finally, a complete client management solution you can afford! Our Endpoint management software provides remote management of client devices where you can remotely monitor, manage, and provision end point devices with ease. It provides access to client devices and it supports device inventory and status, power management, etc. The Administrator creates the device and user policies, pushes firmware updates, and even allows control over the endpoints USB ports or added security all from a simple and powerful centralized management tool.


Product Benefits

• Blast, RDS, HDX, PCoIP protocols for compatibility with virtually any DaaS solution
• Secure Client Manager (SCM) for centralized management
• VESA mount for universal mounting to monitors
• Fanless operation for peace of mind while working on daily tasks
• Multiple controlled USB ports (USB 2.0 and USB 3.0)
• HDMI and VGA ports to ensure you can connect to your monitor and Certificates
• Manage and deploy connectivity profiles across group of devices

Minimum Requirements

• UEFI supported Ubuntu Compatible system
• 4 GB memory
• 32GB Hard disk

30-Day Evaluation

See for yourself how Secure Client Manager can transform your existing desktops, thin clients and other endpoint devices into a secure thin client. Register today for a Free 30-Day Evaluation of the Secure Client Manager software.