Going Beyond VPN

Thoughts on Establishing Long-Term Security for Your Organization

AmZetta DWS Position Paper

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the nature of work permanently. Some will eventually return to the office. But a large percentage of workers in North America won’t. Work-from-home or work-from-anywhere is here to stay.

Supporting this new reality requires a level of IT security that many organizations don’t have today. Check out the IT press and you’ll see a ton of articles comparing VPN to VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure), the necessity of MFA (multi-factor authentication), the virtues of SSO (single sign on), etc.

Many industry experts argue that VPNs are limited and create a serious long-term security risk. We at AmZetta agree. But we also believe the baby doesn’t need to be thrown out with the bathwater. Download our most recent Security Brief and you’ll gain insight into:

  1. The three major security holes associated with VPNs
  2. Eight steps organizations can follow to fill VPN security holes without breaking the bank
  3. Two proven options for creating long-term IT security, with or without VPN
  4. Results from a recently conducted survey on VDI adoption by analysts at the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)

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