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JBOD Installation Guide


1. Apply the license provided by AMI on the existing system to support the new JBOD.
2. Mount the JBOD in the rack next to the StorTrends head unit.
3. Make sure the new JBOD is in the Power OFF state.
4. Connect SAS cables from the StorTrends head unit to the JBOD as shown in the diagram below.

5. Power ON the new JBOD using the switches on the backside, and wait for 5 minutes.

Configure JBOD

6. Login to ManageTrends Storage Wizard

7. The new JBOD will be automatically discovered as below. Click OK.

8. Click “X” to close the message “The selected enclosure has un-configured drives and can be used for RAID configuration”.

9. After the notification is closed, the Storage Wizard will appear as below.

10. Select the option “ Expand Storage Pool” and Click “ Expand existing Storage Pool

11. The existing Storage Pool will be expanded and the progress will be shown as below.

12. This completes the expansion of existing Storage Pool using the new JBOD.

13. Click on the name of Storage Pool to see the Logical Disks (LD) associated with the Storage Pool. Below is an example of the Storage Pool with 4 LDs. (The LD sizes and RAID information in the example below will differ from your system.)

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