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zWAN Director Installation


The AmZetta zWAN solution provides organizations with a comprehensive SD-WAN fabric complete with centralized management and enterprise security measures with the flexibility to extend into any environment, whether it be another physical location (home office, branch office, or datacenter) or multiple cloud vendors, on the fly with ease. The software can be run on a multitude of hardware, virtual appliances, and cloud providers to meet any organizational requirement.

The solution is made up of two main components:

  • A centralized management/orchestration server(s), which is responsible for the management plane and certain control plane activities
  • A distributed edge controller(s) that is responsible for data plane activities

This guide will focus on the centralized management server. To see how to setup the edge controller, please see this guide here(link needs to be added).


There are two main requirements for setting up the centralized management server:

  • Installer Host
  • Director Host

The Installer Host is where the installation will be run from and the Director Host is the target for the actual installation and will be the server which houses all of the management services.

Installer Host Requirements

The Installer Host can be either virtual or physical. The minimum requirements for the Installer Host are as follows:

    • Ubuntu 18.04
    • YAML installation
  • Deployment binaries, which can be downloaded from AmZetta’s FTP server

Director Host Requirements

The Director Host is the main backbone of the zWAN solution. The minimum requirements for the Director Host are as follows:

  • Ubuntu server 18.04
  • 256 GB of Storage
    • HW or SW RAID 1/10 is highly recommended to prevent data loss in the event of disk failure
  • 64 GB RAM
  • 16 CPU cores
  • 3 NICs
    • 1 for WAN
    • 2 for LAN side
      • Must be connected to switch and be up
      • IPs do not need to be assigned to these interfaces


  1. Download the deployment binaries onto your  from AmZetta’s FTP server using the following credentials
    • FTP URL:
    • Username: zWAN_Deployment
    • Password: <Password>
    • Filename:
  2. Extract the files from the zip file with the following command:
  3. Once extracted, navigate to the setup directory by running the following command:
    cd deployment/setup
  4. Modify the master.yml file found at deployment/setup/master.yml with your favorite text editor with valid server credentials for the DirectorHost, as seen below:
      - ip: # change IP to Director Host IP
        port: 22
        name: director1# change to any name you want to use for identification purposes
        user: director1User # change to username that is used to SSH into Director Host
        password: password@123 # change to password of username in line above
          - Master:
              -enp4s0f0 # change to specific interfaces to be used for bridge
              -enp4s0f1 # change to specific interfaces to be used for bridge
            bond_ip: # change IP to desired subnet
    vxlan_id: 100 # this should be a unique ID for each HA setup
  5. Run the prerequisites script by running the following command:

    The above will install the required software libraries on the Director Host(s).

  6. After the prerequisites script runs successfully, run the following command to actually install the server components:

    The above will validate software and hardware requirements on the director host(s) and then create required VMs on the Director Host(s).

After the director is setup, you may continue to the Edge Controller Setup section to setup an edge controller from scratch or the Edge Controller Onboarding section to add an edge controller to the director.

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