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Advanced zGateway Settings & Best Practices

Recommended best practices for effective management of cluster:
1. Perform all zGateway administration from Active node in the cluster.
2. Make sure on every node in cluster NTP is configured and is in running state.
3. Make sure that host file entry on each node should be same.
4. To verify log please login as certificate user on Active or Standby gateway and check log.
5. Always reboot or shutdown gateway from management console or OS console.
6. Check health status of each node by logging into SHELL and running /etc/sysconfig/ha/healthstatus.
7. Ensure that all maintenance activities like zGateway upgrade, failover, etc must be done with at least 2-hour maintenance window. It is advised to do the administration during off hours.
8. Do not change ping settings on default gateway.
9. Do not keep any firewall between the nodes in the cluster and they must be installed within same subnet.
10. Take regular backup of configuration by taking “User Backup”. Also take “System Backup” for all certificate backup also.
11. Configure auto backup for “User Backup” as well as “System Backup”, so that administrator will get both backup file from zGateway on their email id.
12. Configured resources alter manager, so that zGateway administrator will get email alert if zGateway resources (CPU, memory, license, disk etc..) goes above specified threshold value.

1. How to increase sync timings?
Take SSH of Active and Standby gateway. And edit “edit /home/fes/ha_interval.conf” using vim. There are two parameters
FILESYNCINTVL=1 (Configurations file sync interval, value is specified in minutes)
DBSYNCINTVL=1 (Database files sync interval, value is specified in minutes)
Minimum value is 1 min, please do not use fraction values. Maximum can be any value in minutes.
Under heavy load if gateway is showing slow performance, keep these value between 20 to 30 minutes.
No restart of services required for these setting to reflect.

2. Editing maximum number of DB connections.
Edit /etc/my.cnf on each node,
max_connections=300 (Maximum number of connections DB will accept at a time.)
If performance is slow, please change this value to a higher number

3. Editing NTP sync interval
NTPSYNCINTERVAL=30 (NTP synching interval in minutes.).
NTP1= (Primary NTP server. Edit/set NTP server from Management console.)
NTP2=(Seconday NTP server. Edit/set NTP server from Management console.)

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