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How to View Desktop Details

To open Desktop Details dialog, click on Desktop Name in Desktops VMs tab.

Desktop Details dialog provides following details of selected Desktop:

    • Basic Info:
      • Desktop Name: Name of the Desktop
      • DNS Name: DNS Name as gathered from Dedicated Session Provider
      • Assigned Client Name: Device Name or Username assigned to this Desktop
      • Desktop Status: Current Power State of Desktop
      • Connection Status: If connected or not.
      • Pool Name: The name of Desktop Pool to which this Desktop belongs
      • Networks: Network configuration of Desktop as collected from Session Provider
        • IP Address: IP Address

    • Agent Info: For displaying details information regarding zPortal Desktop Agent on selected Desktop
      • Status: Responding or Not Responding
      • Message: Detailed status of Desktop e.g. if Desktop Agent Status is responding then message will be Desktop is Ready and if it’s not responding then relevant message suggesting why the agent is not responding
      • Version: zPortal Tools version
      • Installed On: Date on which zPortal Tools was installed
      • Info Last Updated On: Date and time information when Desktop Information was last updated
      • Desktop Agent Info: Version: Version of zPortal Desktop Agent
      • Eltima Info: Version number of Eltima software installed on Desktop or shown as not installed if not installed
      • SEP Info: Version number of SEP software on Desktop or shown as not installed if not installed
      • Sysprep Info: Status flag of Sysprep, possible values can be
        • Required: Suggesting customization was done on the Desktop during provisioning and is required but not yet run
        • Running: Customization is in progress
        • Completed: Customization is completed
        • Not Required: Customization was not enabled while provisioning and thus customization won’t be run, when Desktop will be powered on
        • Unknown: When selected Desktop is not a provisioned one and is an existing VM from dedicated session provider
    • Hypervisor Tool Info: Displaying information of Hypervisor tools on selected Desktop. E.g. in case of Desktop is coming from VMware then following information can be displayed
      • Version: Some number as 9354
      • Status: As shared by Dedicated Session Provider E.g. Running(Current)

Administrator can use the above details to verify if Desktop is ready for user access.

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