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Performing Power Operations

To perform any power operation on Desktop:

  1. Select the Desktop in Desktops page
  2. Based on its current power state appropriate power operations will be displayed (e.g. Desktop is in Power on State and thus Power Off, Shutdown, Reboot and Suspend buttons will be displayed)
  3. Click on button as per required power operations e.g. Restart
  4. Click on OK button on Confirm Action dialog box (if displayed, based on the initiated operation) to continue performing operation
  5. Power operation will be initiated by zPortal Controller and will be forwarded to Dedicated Session Provider, meanwhile wait dialog will be displayed
    1. Please wait until the operation is completed; the dialog will be dismissed automatically
    2. Click on OK button to dismiss the dialog, the task will be completed and desktop’s status will be updated automatically
  6. Once initiated operation is successfully executed, Desktop status will be updated in Desktops VMs tab


Above example considers the Desktop power state as Powered On, other operations Resume, Suspend, Shutdown, power off can also be performed using same steps.

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