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Microsoft Sync Framework

Microsoft Sync Framework is required for zPortal Clustering (If deployment does not include zPortal Controller clustering, Microsoft Sync Framework will not be required)
Microsoft Sync Framework is required for data sync between primary server and secondary zPortal Controller servers in cluster, following synchronization tools must be installed on both zPortal Controller servers. The Synchronization tools can be downloaded from the following download link:

The setup of Synchronization tools must be chosen as per the server OS which means if the zPortal Controller is being installed on 64bit Windows 2012R2 then Synchronization tools x64 should be used whereas if the Controller is being installed on 32 bit Windows 2008R2 then Synchronization tools x86 should be installed.
The installation of Microsoft Sync framework is very simple, download the setup from above specified URL and follow the installation wizard to complete the installation. Below are detailed steps for setting this up on each Controller.

Install Microsoft Sync Framework

For installing synchronization tools, please follow the below steps

  1. Download Microsoft Sync Framework v2.1 Setup from the below location
  2. Double click on setup file or Right-click and select option Open/ Run as Administrator
  3. In Open Synchronization-v2.1-x64-ENU, click on Next button on Welcome screen
  4. On License Agreement screen, select I Agree and click on Next button
  5. Click on Next button on Confirm Installation screen
  6. Wait for installation to finish
  7. Click on Close button to close the Setup wizard after successful installation of Microsoft Synchronization Framework tools.

    • The Microsoft Synchronization Framework is required to be installed on both zPortal Controller Servers
    • Synchronization Framework must be installed before configuring controllers in cluster but can be installed before or after the zPortal Controller
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