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Default View, Pagination and Configuring Number of Desktops to be Displayed

By default, the number of Desktops displayed on the first page will be adjusted according to current display settings of the system for supporting best UI navigation of Desktops.

This mechanism of displaying limited number of Desktops per page also helps in minimizing the load on zPortal Controller Service of fetching information of more Desktops than needed on single page, thus also recommended for easy viewing and minimizing load on zPortal Controller Service.

With the default view administrator will be able to see Desktops are being distributed in different pages and for easy navigation to different pages the pagination controls i.e. page number or right and left arrow navigation buttons are provided.

Clicking on arrow buttons will navigate to the different pages in a sequential manner and using the page number buttons, easy switching to desired page is possible.

As already explained by default the number of Desktops displayed on page will be adjusted to best fit the window size and the numbers will also be displayed at the bottom suggesting how many Desktops are currently being displayed e.g. Viewing 1 – 7 of 40.

Administrator can also opt to change the default view and configure the number of Desktops to be displayed per page i.e. using Show dropdown option at the bottom of Desktops page. Administrator can choose to display 10, 20, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150 Desktops per page and the Desktops page then be displayed according with vertical scroll bar.

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