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Monitoring Cluster Status

Cluster status can be checked from two pages on zGateway management console
1. Dashboard
2. “Status” screen under “High Availability” section

IPIP Address of Cluster Manager
Node TypeStatus of the Added Nodes
ServiceszGateway service status
SyncingData sync service status
Load BalancerLoad balancer service status
CPUCPU utilized on a node
RAMRAM utilized on a node
HDDHard disk space utilized on a node


All the standard logging of zGateway is seamlessly available across both the cluster manager nodes.
Administrator can login into the zGateway Management Console and find all the logs created by all the nodes in the cluster.

All the nodes in the cluster sends their log data to the Active Cluster Manager node in the cluster. The Active Cluster Manager writes the log to its log database as well as sends the same log entry to the standby Cluster Manager.
If the standby cluster Manage node is not available, it will not receive the logs for that duration.

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