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zWAN Templates


Group Function Template Name Template Description
  DHCP configureLanDHCPServer Configure dhcp for lan


  ddos-add_allowed_and_blocked_addresses Add addresses for DDOS
    ddos-configure Configure DDOS
    ddos-remove_allowed_and_blocked_addresses Remove addresses for DDOS
    ddos-spoof_add Add DDOS spoof address
    ddos-spoof_del Delete DDOS spoof address




  dns_custom_list-add Add custom addresses to DNS list
    dns_custom_list-remove Remove custom addresses to DNS list


    dns_filter-change Change DNS filter
    dns_filter-clear Clear DNS filter
    dns_filter-configure Configure DNS filter
    dns_server-clear Clear DNS on server
    dns_server-configure Configure DNS server




  filtering_categories Add content category filter
    filtering_FQDN Update the FQDN filter action for the specified FQDNs
    filtering_mac-change add or remove MAC addresses in the filter list
    filtering_mac-mode Set the MAC filter mode to either Allow or Deny and enables the filter
    filtering_mac-set Remove all existing MACs and add the listed or metadata MACs
  FIREWALL firewall-create_chain Create new firewall chain


firewall-create_rule Create and add firewall rule to chain


  geo_fencing-add_mac Add a trusted MAC address to be used in geo fencing
    geo_fencing-configure Configure geo-fencing state and threshold after set_gps or add_mac have been run
    geo_fencing-metadata Configure geo-fencing with metadata values
    geo_fencing-set-gps Set the GPS location to be used for geo fencing
  IB internetBreakout Create NetBalancer Internet Breakout on specified interfaces
  IPFIX ipfix Add/enable collector and assign services to collector


  ips_configure-add_policy_threshold Configure IPS/IDS Policy Threshold
    ips_configure-bypass_rules Configure IPS/IDS Bypass Rules
    ips_configure-category_policy Configure IPS Category Policy
    ips_configure-global_policy_threshold Configure IPS/IDS Global Threshold
    ips_configure-ingress_egress Configure IPS Ingress and Egress
    ips_configure-suppress Configure IPS/IDS Suppress
    ips_configure Configure IPS/IDS




ipset-add_addresses_to_set Add one or more addresses to an IPSET table
    ipset-create_set Create IPSET table
    ipset-del_addresses_from_set Delete one or more addresses from an IPSET table
    ipset-del_set Delete IPSET table
    mesh Apply mesh configuration to EC


  misc_SNMP3-configure Configure a SNMP community with the specified interfaces
    misc_SNMP3-delete Delete a SNMPV3
    misc_SNMP-configure Configure a SNMP community with the specified interfaces


    misc_SNMP-delete Delete a SNMP
  Net-Balancer net_balancer-configure Configure net balancer options


net_balancer-configure_internet_breakout Configure net balancer options for internet breakout


net_balancer-internet_breakout_or_SAAS_add_rule Add an App Aware Net Balancer AutoFlowControl Rule to either the Internet Breakout or SaaS target
QoS   qos-Class_create Create QoS Class
    qos-ClassRule Create QoS Classifier and assign to a QoS class
    qos-ClassRuleInterface Compound action to create Class, Classifier, and assign to an interface
    qos-Interface_add_class Add an existing QOS class to an additional interface
    qos-InterfaceBandwidth Set interface QoS bandwidth
    qos-InterfaceClassBandwidth Set QoS interface class bandwidth
ROUTING   router_access  
    router_bgp-configure Configure and enable BGP
    router_filter_list Add route access filter
    router_ospf-add_area Add an OSPF area
    router_ospf-add_interface Add an interface to an existing area
    router_ospf-add_range Add a range to an existing area
    router_ospf-add_virtual_link Add a virtual link to an existing area
    router_ospf-configure ‘Enable and configure OSPF
    router_prefix Add route prefix filter
    routing-add_static_route_to_host Add static route to host
    routing-add_static_route_to_network Add static route to network
    routing-set_system_default_gateway Set default gateway
SYSTEM CONFIG   system-interface_alias_metadata Rename network interfaces based on metadata
    system-rsyslog_edit_config ‘Modify existing remote system log configuration
    system-rsyslog_set_config system – Set rsyslog configuration
    system-set_timezone_and_NTP Set timezone and NTP options
TUNNEL IPSec vpn_ipsec-branch_to_branch The Branch-to-Branch (IPSec) template allows the IT Admin to establish an IPSec Tunnel between Network Devices.
  IPSec vpn_ipsec-branch_to_dc The Branch-to-DC (IPSec) template allows the IT Admin to establish an IPSec Tunnel between Network Devices.
  IPSec vpn_ipsec-configure_dc_server The DC (IPSec) template allows the IT Admin to create an IPSec Tunnel


vpn_ipsec-internet_via_dc Connect to DC provided networks and internet over IPSEC
  SSL vpn_ssl-branch_to_branch The Branch-to-Branch (IPSec) template allows the IT Admin to establish an IPSec Tunnel between Network Devices.


vpn_ssl-branch_to_dc The Branch-to-Branch (SSL) template allows the IT Admin to establish an IPSec Tunnel between Network Devices.


vpn_ssl-configure_dc_server The DC (SSL) template allows the IT Admin to create an SSL Tunnel


vpn_ssl-internet_via_dc This (SSL) template allows the IT Admin to establish an SSL Tunnel between Network Devices with internet traffic via the DC.
    vpn-add_net_balancer_rule This template creates a netbalancer rule for tunnel use
WiFi   wifi-Access_Point_setup This template creates AP for LAN PC’s to connect to the Network Device
    wifi-Station_setup This template creates a WiFi connection between the Network Device and WAN interface


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