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Disable Application

Instead of deleting an application, application can be marked as Disabled. Disabling an application can have similar impact as deleting, except application can be enabled in future with same configurations.

Impact of disabling an application:

  1. New Sessions: Users on fresh logon won’t be displayed with disabled applications
  2. Existing Sessions:
    1. User who have already logged-in
      1. Disabled application will be disappeared on refreshing the application list
      2. On clicking on application name, error ‘Application is disabled by administrator’ will be displayed
    2. Users with running sessions of the applications will continue to use the application, until user logs out or session expires as per configured timeouts.

To disable an application, following steps can be used:

  1. In Add Application wizard, keep Application Status as Disabled.
  2. Select application -> Click on Edit button -> In Edit application wizard -> Set Application Status as disabled.

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