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Technical Overview

AmZetta zClient enables users to connect to the AmZetta Workspace suite from any device, from anywhere. AmZetta provides clients specifically for connection to zPortal as well as zGateway. zClient enables USB redirection so that users can connect any required USB devices such as printers, USB drives, signature pads, etc.

zPortal zClient

The zPortal zClient gives users the ability to connect to the AmZetta zPortal Controller in order to access virtual applications and desktops that have been deployed within an environment. Effortlessly deploy this client on either Windows or Linux endpoints.

zGateway zClient

The zGateway zClient gives users the ability to connect remotely via a secure zero trust network. This client gives users access to all virtual desktops and applications as well as other aspects of an environment such as file servers, web servers, etc. The zGateway zClient can be deployed on Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android to give users the most flexibility from a device perspective when needing to connect to the environment from any remote network.

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