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Debug Dump


Debug dump collects the system information, logs, and other state-full features pertaining to the edge controller  which is required in case of edge controller failure. It can also be used for an in-depth analysis of an issue which cannot be resolved from the centrally managed orchestration server. The dump can be uploaded to the centrally located or configured FTP server. The debug dump created will be compressed file and the filename will contain edge controller name and time-stamp.


The user must enter the FTP server credentials to upload debug dumps to the remote FTP location. There is also an option to create the debug dump without uploading to the FTP if the FTP is not reachable from the customers environment.


Once the debug dump API is executed, the created debug dump will be a compressed file and the filename will contain the edge controller’s name as well as a timestamp.

Use cases

A Debug dump will be used to troubleshoot an edge controller when a user or customer reports a critical issue and if the edge controller is not accessible from the centrally managing server or if an in-depth analysis of an issue is required to resolve the issue.

Future enhancements

The debug dump feature will continue to be enhanced in future releases with additional security and automation features.

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